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[Consultant's Review] Prevention & management of a crisis in the pursuit of values

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Date 2022-03-31

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I had a consultation session from 11 in the morning to 2 in the afternoon today for a member of KIP Treatment Program. After the consultation session, the client e-mailed me saying that she has learned core concepts of KIP Treatment Program, and now she could prepare for crisis situations better. 

Most people who take Consultation on Life Crisis are surprised at the contents of it and can shorten the time taken for full recovery and complete cure significantly. They say it is an effective and powerful method. 

The client applied for consultation to shorten the recovery period and examine her status in the pursuit of values. She learned about how to manage a crisis situation in the future and the root cause of life crises. She also learned about the close relationship between KIP Treatment Program and Consultation on Life Crisis. 

There are five major causes of life crises. 

1. Occurrence or possibility of problems in mind (psychological disorder, severe    

   psychological disorder, post traumatic stress)

2. Occurrence or possibility of problems in xesmind (sexual dysfunction, sex trauma,

   sex ability)

3. Occurrence or possibility of problems in psychological class (psychology of leaders, 

   psychology of self-actualization, psychology of survival)

4. Occurrence or possibility of problems in relationships (spouse, children, family, 

   friends, acquaintance)

5. Occurrence or possibility of problems in the pursuit of values (wealth, power, fame, 


Problems of mind and psychology are solved by taking KIP Treatment Program and problems of xesmind and xes psychology are solved by Sex Ability Training for Women. Problems of psychological class, human relationships, the pursuit of values are solved by Consultation on Life Crisis. 

The client started to take KIP Treatment Program to treat post traumatic stress and restore a happy life. Her relationship with children has improved. The consultation took only 3 hours since she was not experiencing crisis regarding psychological class and relational problems. 

She was able to find the root cause of the crisis in the pursuit of values and solve the problem on her own through the consultation. 

She also learned the importance of KIP Treatment Program (treatment of mind and psychology & restoration of happiness) and Sex Ability Training for Women (treatment of xesmind and xes psychology, powerful sex ability and charm). 

It was nice to see her restoring her happiness at a fast pace and building prevention ability against future occurrence of life crises.



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